The Piramal Phytocare Limited products are manufactured on a loan license basis from outside manufacturing units. The manufacturing units selected are internationally recognized. The active ingredients or plant extracts used in the formulations are procured from globally recognized approved vendors only. The standard specifications are set by us for extracts and are received with proper certificate of analysis. The inactive ingredients used in the formulations are of basically USP/BP grade. The packing material is obtained from specific vendors with proper specifications. During the manufacturing process, the in-process quality check is carried out after every crucial step under controlled conditions. Online documentation is practiced with proper authorization of documents. The specification limits are set as per either USP/BP monographs or ICH guidelines. The final product is analyzed as per the specifications and is checked for compliance and then released from the manufacturing site to PPL.

Our products :

  • Manufactured in GMP approved, WHO / NSF   certified sites
  • Active extracts used are of export quality
  • Inactive ingredients used are  USP/BP grade
  • Quality specifications complies with  USP/BP or ICH guidelines
  • Approved after rigorous quality check (In process and Final release)