Research and Development

An important aspect of our R&D vision and strategy is to leverage India's bio-diversity and pool of knowledge in traditional medicinal systems such as Ayurveda to source drug lead molecules. Discovery efforts are directed towards evaluating and investigating medicinal extracts and preparations from herbs and plants used by tribals and cited in ancient Ayurvedic texts. Hence our formulations are based on the classical wisdom of Ayurveda which are being consumed and admired in many countries across the world. The phyto-active constituents used in these products are already known and available in the industry; however the formulations have been designed, developed and standardized by Piramal Phytocare Limited for specific usage.

The plant extracts used in our formulations are custom-produced for us by globally reputed suppliers. The products are standardized for a specific phytochemical marker or, on the basis of unique physicochemical parameters or functional groups. Final products are checked for microbial and pesticide contaminants and heavy metal content ensuring consistent quality and efficacy. Our products comply with stringent norms set in international pharmacopoeias like USP (United States Pharmacopoeia), BP (British Pharmacopoeia) and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines.

We aim to bring herbal medications to the therapeutic forefront by integrating ancient healing traditions with  modern science and clinical validation techniques.

Our products:

  • Offer a balanced and holistic multi-modality approach to treat human disorders
  • Evidence-Based and Patient-Centric
  • Subjected to thorough empirical scientific evaluation
  • Standardized using advanced hyphenated techniques
  • Safe and Non-toxic